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      "Dear Heavenly Father,

Let the brave men and women who have gone in harm's way for the sake of our nation and our freedoms know that we today salute and thank them for their efforts and sacrifices. Let these heros also realize that the ultimate sacrifice for our sins and freedom from the tyranny of sin was paid by our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, when He freely laid down His life and shed His Precious Blood on a cruel Roman Cross to pay the full price for our redemption. It is our prayer, that in a new way, this day and forevermore, that all our brave veterans will experience a new birth of freedom in their souls and spirits through our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ -- and it is in His Name that we pray -- Amen"

We salute all our veterans who have gone in harm's way to fight for the United States of America, our freedoms that we so dearly love, and against tyranny and agression in foreign lands. For our World War II heros we say we are happy not to be under the tyranny of either Nazi Germany or the Japanese Empire. You warriors have been called "the Great Generation" and justly so. It has been said that if you can read signs, books, magazines, etc, thank a teacher. If you can read these in English, and not German or Japanese, thank a World War II hero. On battle fields of that war it was also said, and rightly so, that: "uncommon valor was a common virtue." 

As for you Korean War vets, South Korea exists today as a freedom loving nation because you stopped the advances of the North Korean military forces, backed by the Red Chinese Army.

Speaking of our valorous Vietnam War vets, you men fought courageously against the forces of communist agression in Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia. However, sad to say, you brave warriors came home to many in America who did not appreciate your sacrifies for our country. In more recent times, many Americans have shown their appreciation. I hope it's not too late.

  Because of the brave fighting men & women of our Desert Storm warriors, Kuwait is an independent nation and did not get swallowed up by the evil forces of Sadam Hussein. As for Grenada vets, Grenada is a free small nation in the Carribean. Fidel Castro's communist Cuban army was totally defeated by you brave men.

We could go on to mention the brave sacrifices of our Iraqi and Afghanistan war veterans, but to sum this all up, as greatful and free Americans, we love and appreciate all of our brave veterans!           

 Thank you, vets. !!!

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