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TLC Program


Another category of veterans we are equally concerned with are ALL those who served in uniform, and were recently diagnosed with a terminal illness. It is our mission to transport these veterans if they have never been able to visit the various national memorials constructed to honor the service and sacrifice of their brothers and sisters in arms. All such veterans who wish to visit our nation’s memorials, regardless of the conflict they participated in (Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, Afghanistan etc.) will be invited to go. At The Last Frontier Honor Flight, we feel that they all should have an opportunity to clearly see and appreciate how our nation honors those who were willing to lay down their very lives in service to our country. This special category of veterans we refer to as “TLC’s” meaning “Their Last Chance”.


TLC’s are also given top priority. We do everything possible to ensure such veterans are accommodated on the very next flight.

To determine if a veteran qualifies as a TLC, we apply the following criteria:

·       Provide a note, signed by a physician, with diagnosis and prognosis.

·       A current diagnosis of cancer, in any organ EXCEPT the prostate (unless extremely aggressive, rare forms) is considered terminal if the physician concurs.

·       Presently undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy for a cancerous condition OTHER THAN prostate cancer.

·       Any other terminal condition that, according to the veteran’s private physician, is likely to limit the veteran’s life to 12 months or less. Again, the diagnosis and prognosis must be stated in a note signed by the physician.

All donations to our Federal,
Nonprofit, 501(c)3 Organization
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All donations to our Federal,
Nonprofit, 501(c)3 Organization
are tax deductible

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